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Why an Academic Focus on Music?

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Why an Academic Focus on Music?

There are now hundreds of programs throughout the U.S. and the world where musicians can study and develop their craft as they pursue an undergraduate degree. Generally, these students graduate with a Bachelor’s in Music (BM) or Fine Arts (BFA). Numerous academic opportunities exist for musicians who are interested in studying performance and other facets of the music industry including jazz, business and management, production, therapy, recording and engineering, and teaching and education.

Unlike many majors, the academic focus for music majors is almost as narrow and concentrated as that of a graduate student, although it is possible to double major or minor in a second subject area. Whether students go on to graduate school or out into the world, they are in many ways more prepared for the job market than a student of history or English because of this early specialization. Students who devote the majority of their time to performing arts in high school can not only leverage their commitment to gain entrance into a college or university but they will be able to further develop their skills and talent in a challenging environment where passions evolve into careers.

  •          Concertmaster/mistress
  •           Choir Director
  •           Stage Band/Recording Group Member
  •           Disc Jockey
  •           Conductor/Choir Director
  •           Composer
  •           Songwriter
  •           Arranger


  •           Mixer
  •           Record Producer
  •           Recording Engineer
  •           Sound Engineer


  •             Producer
  •             Business Manager for Musicians
  •             Booking Agent
  •             Promoter


  •             Piano Tuner
  •             Instrument Craftsperson
  •             Music Critic/Writer/Editor
  •             Educator/Teacher
  •             Songwriter
  •             Therapist
  •             Music Librarian

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