Directing Your College Future

Audition Coaching


Why do you need an audition counselor?

You’ve been practicing you’re instrument, studying with a private teacher, playing in various music ensembles and bands, and listening to everything you can get your hands on. But, will that be enough to succeed in your audition? Music school admissions’ faculty sees and hears hundreds of auditions every year.

To be successful, you must showcase your abilities on your instrument, as well as your musical maturity by demonstrating:

  1.  Fluency in the style of music you are pursuing.
  2.  An awareness of contemporary styles and techniques.
  3.  The ability to organize and produce a high quality, original audition tape.

 The Audition Tape

Our counselors have all recorded extensively, both in state-of-the-art California and NYC studios and at home. We will guide you through the process of organizing a band, selecting repertoire and music that will satisfy the specific auditioning requirements, and producing a final recording. Each step of this process will receive careful consideration and thoughtful development. The goal is to produce a high quality product that will easily substitute for a live audition, and highlight your talent and expertise.