Directing Your College Future



There are hundreds of music programs throughout the US and other countries where students are able to complete a meaningful undergraduate degree, as they develop their interests in music and begin to focus on musical careers. Students often need help, sorting through the varying requirements of applications including the Common Application, the University of California application and institutional applications specific to a university.

Musicians have a unique application experience in that in addition to regular application materials, they are also required to submit an “audition package” which may include a resume detailing particular musical experiences, a repertoire, making a recording to be submitted to the music department, and preparing for an audition.

The high school musician is typically seeking a program where they will be able to study with experienced faculty and master musicians, work side by side with mentors who have established a reputation and career in the music industry, and have an opportunity to work with other musicians who may become future colleagues.



  • Preparing a broad list of colleges, eventually paring down the list to approximately 8-12 school (depending on the student).
  • Determining what strategies can be used to obtain admission to college, taking into consideration the student’s interests and talents.
  • Helping students organize all application materials, including a calendar with all applicable deadlines, list of colleges, transcript, teacher/counselor recommendations, essay prompts, and activities profiles.
  • Assisting students in locating college applications online, including any required supplemental forms and identifying the type of application required for each school.
  • Working closely with students on essay topics and identifying positive and revealing aspects of the students’ experience/personality.
  • Editing essays and making suggestions and recommendations.
  • Providing guidance and suggestions for preparing audio recordings or video submissions.
  • Assisting students with preparing for auditions and interviews.
  • Reviewing a checklist with students for all items required in the application.
  • Providing assistance with financial aid.
  • Assisting with the FINAL DECISION!