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Personal Observations from a Professional

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Personal Observations from a Professional

“Music travels through time; often we are traveling through space…so travel works well for me as a metaphor for music.
I think that’s pretty universal-when you begin a piece, you feel like you’re in one place, and when it ends, you have gone somewhere. Or perhaps, like in a few things I’ve done already, ‘Highway Rider’ included, you’ve traveled back to where you started, and maybe you’ve had some kind of gnosis: you’re where you were, but you’ve gained something. Music always expresses itself through the dialectic of a fixed identity and difference: as a piece develops, some part of its identity is constant, but there is also constant change. Likewise, in a journey, there is always the traveler-his or her surroundings change, but he or she remains the same conduit for all of those varied surroundings.”

Brad Mehldau, named first jazz musician to occupy the Richard and Barbara Debs Composer’s Chair at Carnegie Hall for the 2010-11 season.

DRUMBEAT, March 2011

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