Directing Your College Future



High school students interested in pursuing music in college, are seeking an opportunity to further develop their skills and expertise through education and opportunity. Their goals often include:

  •     Elevating their musical prowess and experience
  •     Engaging in the most intense musical education possible and
  •     Challenging themselves to realize their potential and find their path in a competitive and fluctuating industry.


  • Gathering pertinent information about music programs,
  • Communicating with program directors, in an effort to understand how programs vary and how one program might better suit a particular student, and
  • Visiting campuses and faculty to get a clearer understanding of the academic and performing environment.

FINDING THE RIGHT FIT is essential for any high school student when choosing a college and a music studies program. I assist students with:

  • Identifying the right programs and colleges for their particular needs and interests
  • Understanding the audition requirements
  • Preparing the strongest and most salient application possible.

Want more information on college programs in music? Call for a 30 minute consultation. There will be no charge and no obligation.