Directing Your College Future



MUSICIANS have a PASSION and they can pursue that PASSION in college!

As a College Admissions Advisor, I assist students in choosing and evaluating undergraduate  music programs. There are numerous institutions throughout the country-universities, colleges and conservatories-that offer majors in performance, jazz, teaching and education, business and management, production, music therapy and recording and engineering. Factors that are considered in identifying the best program for each individual student include: personality, talent, particular interests, geography, finances and opportunity.




Services include:


  • Identifying an admission strategy
  • Preparing a College List
  • Reviewing and assisting with the wording of extracurricular for applications
  • Summer planning
  • Brainstorming ideas for essays
  • Review and editing of essays
  • Setting up a calendar of activities and completion dates
  • Providing assistance and resources for completing applications
  • Advise high school jazz musicians

Matching a musician to the program that best suits his or her needs involves research and exploration. As a College Admissions Advisor, I have accumulated resources and an expertise for assisting student musicians in identifying programs where they will be challenged and have access to professionals who are shaping new sounds and promoting young talent. My purpose is to assist students in presenting the strongest and most salient application possible, with the goal being that they will gain admission to a college.